What is CarBuddii?

CarBuddii is a user-friendly software solution for the entire automotive industry (B2B). Streamline and automate the workload.

You are always one step ahead with CarBuddii

CarBuddii is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for the automotive industry. This means that it all works online and requires internet access. You log in either via the CarBuddii app or via your computer. CarBuddii gives you all the necessary features to work smarter, regardless of whether you work with car sales, car rental and workshop cars or at importer level. Regardless of the size of your business, small or large, CarBuddii creates value already the first time you use it. Everyone can start using the system straight away. In short, CarBuddii helps make the sales and rental part more efficient.

You use the app continuously and together with the customer, so you don't have to go to and from a computer. Everything is handled digitally and smartly in the app, and this is where you, for example, quickly create a digital GDPR-safe driving license and rental contract. Customer consent is obtained automatically and stored correctly in line with GDPR, and you can contact customers directly in the app. 

Main feature overview