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With a solemn declaration you ensure that the customer is liable for damages. Reckless driving has serious consequences, and the police may impound all types of vehicles. When you compose test drive agreements in our app, you ensure that you are GDPR compliant, and the customer automatically signs a solemn declaration regarding reckless driving. If you have further questions, please contact us.

Yes, we have just launched a new battery gauge, so you can keep track of the kWh consumption simply and easily. When the customer returns the rental or loaner car, you can set the battery level, and the app automatically calculates the consumption and transfers the amount to the invoice. Read more in our mini guide

A correctly completed test drive agreement in relation to test drives is statutory. Consequently, should an inconvenient insurance case arise, you are in a far better position legally and in terms of insurance. You are more than welcome to contact us, if you have further questions.

Rental contracts for rental and loaner cars are statutory. Regardless of whether you are lending or letting cars for free or for payment, a correctly completed rental contract is statutory. You also have to remember that rental contracts must be stored for five (5) years from the rental date.

In addition, the rental contract ensures the basis for invoicing as well as knowledge about who has actually rented the car. In those sad cases, where the car is not returned, are used for reckless driving or for other offences, garages are in a far better position with correctly completed rental contracts. Reckless driving has serious consequences, and the police impounds all types of vehicles, regardless of who the owner is. Consequently, it is even more important now than ever that garages and rental companies keep track of their rental contracts for loaner and leasing cars in relation to insurance coverage and possible post-judicial situations. 

Yes, CarBuddii can scan all types of driver's licenses. When you need to scan a digital driver's license, you only have to open the customer's driver's license app and press "card info" at the bottom. Subsequently, you should simply hover the CarBuddii scanner over the phone, and the app takes care of the rest.

CarBuddii is the most user-friendly SaaS solution (Software as a Service) in the car industry. CarBuddii is tailored for making workflows more efficient regardless of whether you are a small or large enterprise. Among other things, with CarBuddii you quickly make a digital rental contract or digital test drive agreement in less than 20 seconds without having to worry about GDPR. You manage everything in the app, while you are with your customer. CarBuddii ensures that you comply with GDPR and also ensures consistency in the rental and test drive contracts. In addition, CarBuddii's solution will help you manage everything customer related. Easily search for customers i the app and contact them directly. Lead management, overview, and sales statistics are also built into CarBuddii as well as an efficient calendar overview for garages and rental companies. We help both small and larger dealers, salespersons, garages, and importers digitalising their manual, administrative workflows behind test drive agreements, rental contracts, and customer inquiries. Everything takes place online and you can log into our solution from the CarBuddii app and from your computer. Read more on our website or contact our helpful support.
CarBuddii is a Software as a Service solution (SaaS), and the price depends on the subscription type. We have different packages to choose from. See our packages and prices.

All phones and tables with access to Google Play and App Store can download and use the CarBuddii app.

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With a free trial you will have full access to CarBuddii’s solution, and you will instantly be able to compose digital test drive agreements and rental contracts. Our Customer Success Team will contact you and help you get started. It is completely non-binding to try CarBuddii, and you do not need a credit card to get started. Do you want us to help you get started now, then contact our skilful support.
You can always terminate your subscription with a month's notice at the end of a quarter. If you have further questions about your subscription, you are always welcome to contact our support. At the bottom right corner of you also have the opportunity to chat directly with our supportAt the bottom right corner of you also have the opportunity to chat directly with our support during weekdays from 9.00-15.00 CET.
You can get the CarBuddii app from App Store or Google PlayOur skillful support is ready to help you get started. You can call, email or chat.
You find an overview of all CarBuddii's features under Prices.
Yes, we build the car industry app of tomorrow, and our open platform communicates easily with other systems. See our different integrations hereYou can also access our API and thus build your own integration.

Dedicated support through chat, email, and phone. Individual customer support weekdays from 9.00-15.00 CET. You will also find help articles and guides in the chat.
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