Release notes

24/11 – 2022  |  v7.2.8

API extensions:

  • Possibility to get available cars in a specified period
  • Possibility to create bookings of rental cars
  • Be notified when customers are updated in CarBuddii
  • Be notified and receive payment information when a rental is terminated in CarBuddii

1/11 – 2022  |  v7.2.4

  • Better sorting in lists
  • User friendly message why cars can’t be deleted
  • Better look and feel on various pages – we know you like it 🤷‍♂️
  • A few bugs as usual

7/10 – 2022  |  v7.2.3

  • More lead channels added
  • Better user experience when creating new dealer
  • New authorization model for endpoints
  • Crazy driving is now separated on each contract

1/10 – 2022  |  v7.2.2

  • Bug fixes.

1/9 – 2022  |  v7.2.1

  • New password page.

1/7 – 2022  |  v7.2.0

  • Added more lead channels.
  • QR-kode for easier adding of tablets without phonenumber.
  • More information in the excel sheet when downloading cars from the Garage.
  • Add new customers directly from the dealerpage.
  • Support for adding consumption of kWh.

1/5 – 2022  |  v7.1.0

  • Note/commentary track on the customer page.
  • Digital leads is now available at the dealer page.
  • New BI-event on leads moved to another dealer.
  • Sending email fra the app (customer page) if there is no phone number present.
  • Added option to create horse cars.
  • Redesign of price groups with the possibility of selfrisk reduction.
  • Added option to put annex (reference) number on the rental contract.
  • Garage: Filtering of cars available for online booking.

1/3 – 2022  |  v7.0.0

  • Possibility of letter in the ID field.
  • E-conomic integration: Creating invoices on a weekly and monthly basis
  • Extended rental contract is now shown on the settlements.
  • Easier to see overdue follow-ups under “Customers” on the dealer page.
  • Headquarters: Opportunity to see all cars in underlying departments, as well as the ability to move customers and follow-ups between all its departments.
  • Possibility to swipe that the car is delivered the day it is sold.
  • Autovision integration: Possibility of split order.
  • Possibility to search for VIN number in the app.

6/1 – 2022  |  v6.6.0

  • Added option for automatic deletion of consents after 5 years and drive notes after 1 year.
  • You can now create test drives and rental contracts without entering social security number.
  • Booking of existing customers in the sales calendar.
  • Types of tyre on the car info card and in the calendar.
  • You can now se on a settlement, if a rental contract been extended.
  • Vehicle filter in the Garage on the dealer page.
  • Added filter of departments in the app.

4/10 – 2021  |  v6.5.0

  • Automatic look up cars at Transportstyrelsen in Sweden
  • Undo turning in cars
  • Better performance at the customer page in the mobile app
  • New and improved driver’s license scanner on Android.
  • Improved API extensions.
  • Extension of e-conomic integration
  • More modern and intuitive design for automatic messaging

16/8 – 2021  |  v6.4.0

  • Added VIN number on all contracts.
  • You can now specify the price group and gear type on the vehicle card
  • Search contracts by name and email
  • Improved performance at the customer page

8/7 – 2021  |  v6.3.1

  • Rent out your vehicles with our new ‘Online booking’ feature.
  • You can now scan drivers licenses and create documents for non-native citizens (danish, norwegian and swedish citizens only)
  • Added explicit acceptance of ‘betingelser ifm. vanvidskørsel.

1/7 – 2021  |  v6.3.0

  • Rent out your vehicles with our new ‘Online booking’ feature.
  • You can now scan drivers licenses and create documents for non-native citizens (danish, norwegian and swedish citizens only)

17/5 – 2021  |  v6.2.0

– Headquater, man kan nu kombinere alle sine afdelinger under ét tag i CarBuddi
– Kunder kan nu genaktiveres direkte på kundebladet

6/3 – 2021  |  v6.1.0

– E-conomic integration
– Improved customer journey on dealer site

24/2 – 2021  |  v6.0.0

– Vitec Autovision integration
– Rental settlements page revamped on dealer site
– Customer journey can now be updated on dealer site

25/1 – 2021  |  v5.9.1

– Bugfixes

11/1 – 2021  |  v5.9.0

– Scanning of app-based drivers licenses
– Now possible to add additional drivers on an active rental contract
– Improved pipeline dashboard on dealer website
– Improved customer page on dealer website Added support for digital drivers license

27/11 – 2020  |  v5.8.1

– Bugfixes

28/11 – 2020  |  v5.8.0

– Added dashboards to the dealer site for displaying current leads in the pipeline and future sales opportunities
– Added Vitec AutoVision integration
– Documents can now be resent to your customers